It is that time of year again, when ghouls and goblins will be showing up at your door asking for tricks or treats. If you have a great number of visitors in your neighborhood, you might be wondering how to save a little cash on Halloween candy. Well don’t fret, take a look at these 7 simple ways to save money on Halloween candy and get the sweets you need for less.

6 Simple Ways to Save Money on Halloween Candy

Take a look at these 6 simple ways to save money on Halloween candy and get the sweets you need for less.

1. Head to the dollar store.

You will be quite impressed when you see the selection your local dollar store has to offer. Everything from fun sized licorice to candy bars are available as are themed pencils and erasers perfect for passing out.

2. Consider non candy treats.

As mentioned above, your local dollar store will have themed treats like pencils, erasers, and other small Halloween toys. These are great for passing out to trick or treaters and can cost less than a bag of candy. For example pencils can be sold in packs of 18 for $1, while most bags of candy have less than 18 treats. Do the math and see if it makes sense to opt for a non edible treat.

3. Opt for hard candy.

Your hard candy like suckers, mints, gumballs, etc. will always cost less than chocolate bars. When you buy hard or other non-chocolate candies you are sure to save and are able to get more bang for your buck.

4. Don’t buy candy you like.

This is a wonderful tip, because buying your favorite candy means you will eat it. (guilty!) When you eat it, you need to buy more. Instead, choose a candy that isn’t your favorite and you don’t have to worry about half of it being gone before Halloween even gets here. Along the same lines, don’t buy too early because it may end up being eaten before Halloween. 🙂

5. Don’t buy at the grocery store.

Since Halloween candy is seasonal, it’s a specialty item and will cost more at your local grocery store. Instead, opt to buy it at a retail store like Walmart, Dollar Tree, or Dollarama. You will get better prices and still have an excellent selection.

6. Price match.

Stores will start offering all sorts of deals on their Halloween candy and treats. Don’t take the first deal you see. Instead compare flyers and price match. This is a great way to get a great price without having to run all over town.

Don’t go broke trying to buy Halloween candy this year. Instead, give these tips for saving money on candy a try and you can still fill those treat bags for less.