Pool noodles are fantastic for playtime in the pool, and the best part is you can snag them for about a buck at most dollar and retail stores. If you have a few extra pool noodles on hand, or just feel like getting creative, check out the creative uses for pool noodles below. You will find that pool noodles are not only fun, but that they can be quite practical too!

Creative Uses for Pool Noodles

If you have a few extra pool noodles on hand, or just feel like getting creative, check out these 7 creative uses for pool noodles!

1. Soften hard edges.

If your bed frame, outdoor fencing, or table has rough or sharp edges, you can soften them up with a pool noodle. Simply cut the pool noodle with a serrated knife to the length you need, and then slice the noodle so it fits over the sharp edge. No more sharp edges!

2. Make your own drink markers.

Don’t get drinks mixed up again when you make your own pool noodle drink markers. Cut the pool noodle into ½ inch slices, then make a cut into the slice so it can cling onto a wine glass stem. You can then write names on the slice or just give each guest a different color. No more drink confusion!

3. Provide proper plant drainage.

If you have a large flower pot to fill and want proper drainage, look no further than an old pool noodle. Cut the pool noodle into smaller chunks and line the bottom of the flower pot with them. It will provide filling so you use less soil, and provides proper drainage at the same time. No more soggy soil!

4. Make miniature sailboats.

Cut the pool noodle into one inch segments. Cut a small triangle out of scrapbook paper and glue the triangle to a toothpick. Then, poke the toothpick into the top of the pool noodle segment. Set it on water and watch it sail away. Goodbye summertime boredom!

5. Make your own stamps.

Cut pool noodles into 2 inch segments then dip them either in paint or onto a paint pad. Press the pool noodle onto paper and it will leave the impression of the noodle. This is a great way to beat summer boredom as well and enjoy some hands on fun.

6. Make your own tic tac toe game.

Take two pool noodles of various colors and cut them into 1 inch segments. Create a tic tac toe grid using chalk, and then use the segments as your markers. Just give each player a different color so you can keep track of whose is whose.

7. Make a pool noodle garland.

Get your next pool party looking festive when you craft a pool noodle garland. Just cut your pool noodles into ½ inch segments. Then, create a slice in each so they can interlock with each other. Start interlocking the pieces to create one long garland. Then, just hang and enjoy.

8. Make a bed rail for toddlers

Buy putting a pool noodle on the edge of a bed under the fitted sheet, you will help your child stay safely in bed!

9. Make tent rope visible

Are you tired of constantly tripping over the rope that is holding your tent in place? Cut a section of a pool noodle then cut a slit so you can slip it onto the bottom of the rope near the peg. This makes the rope way more visible so you’re less likely to trip!

See how fun pool noodles can be? Give these creative uses for pool noodles a try and you are sure to never look at pool noodles the same way again.