The life of a minimalist is inspiring to me. While I don’t think I could go “all the way minimalist”, the thought of less stuff, less stress and other such benefits is very appealing to me. How many of you are aspiring to become a bit more minimalist, but are not sure where to start? Becoming a minimalist is sure to be good for the soul, but you may need some resources to get you there first. For the aspiring minimalists out there, here are 7 resources to get you started.

7 Resources for the Aspiring Minimalist

7 Resources for the Aspiring Minimalist

Watch the documentary on Netflix

When you’re first starting off as a minimalist, or at least curious about it, you need to check out the documentary on Netflix. It’s quite simple as it follows the story of several minimalists. Two men who have impacted the world by living on less.

Follow the blog “Becoming Minimalist

Yes, there are blogs out there dedicated to the minimalist journey and this is one of them. In my opinion, one of the best resources for living this lifestyle!

Join the group on Facebook called The Minimalist Life

This is a group full of like-minded minimalist. You will find extreme and not-so-extreme minimalist who just want to live the journey.

Read the book known as “Minimalism

There are a lot of resources out there for people who are working hard to become minimalists. One of the best books is called Minimalism. If you want to know firsthand what it’s like to live this lifestyle, then the book is a must read. Grab this book if you’re thinking of becoming a minimalist.

Check out YouTube

One of the best reasons for YouTube is that you actually get a firsthand visual account at what some minimalists are doing. You don’t always know what minimalism looks like, until you see others living the lifestyle.

Check Out the Be More with Less Website

One of the beautiful parts of becoming a minimalist is checking out the journey of others. The Be More with Less Blog focusing on simplifying life a bit. She talks about reducing the amount of items you have, which will also result in less stress in life.

Your own brain

If you’re an aspiring minimalist, you should know something you will hear time and time again. This is your own journey. Sure, the result is to own less of everything. However, only you will know when enough is enough. Maybe you need 3 couches, but other minimalists sit on the floor. This journey will be a lot better for you if you consider your own brain and heart to decide what your minimalist journey looks like.


What resources would you share with someone who is an aspiring minimalist?