Any time I decide I’d like to update something in my home, I’ll admit that my first instinct is to go and buy that item brand new. That, my fellow frugalites is not frugal. At least most of the time. I mentioned that it’s my instinct to go and buy something brand new, but I usually convince myself to make do with what I have.

Enter, DIY projects. I love dreaming of projects to do but the thought of spending a lot of time on a project scares me away! However, I do love the satisfaction that I get when I complete a project!

Before my daughter came along and I got busy with the blog, I used to do quite a bit of sewing and other fun crafty things. In fact, a large portion of our wedding was made up of DIY projects. I also gave details about the decorating projects I did (before she was born) in my daughter’s room.

So, all that rambling to say that I always seem to have the desire to do projects but I never seem to make them a priority. 🙁 So, today I have a list of a few DIY projects that I’d like to complete as the weather warms up. Most of them are easy and achievable. 🙂  Here’s my list. I will show you before and afters once I complete them!

  • Spray paint our living room lamp
  • Spray paint a little shelf I bought for $5
  • Paint our walls in the entire house (this will take me a while, since I’ll work on one wall at a time)
  • Bake and decorate Sienna’s 3rd Birthday cake (Does this count as a DIY project? Since I’m not a great cake maker, this always feels like a big feat)

I’m listing those things because I find once they’re out there publicly, I have to do them! 😉 Hold me accountable, ok?  Our weather is warming up nicely so I’ll have pictures for you in the nearish future for some projects!

Will you be working on anything this year?