A Toddler Activity: Playing with Dried Beans!

I have discovered an activity that will keep Sienna occupied for at least a half hour.  That is money in my books!  It allows me to do the dishes, get supper started or anything else I fancy at the moment!  Sometimes, I’ll even get down on the floor with her and we can play for an hour.

A Toddler Activity: Playing with Dried Beans

This bean activity is super cheap and uses things you probably already have on hand:

  • Dried beans (I used a bag of the cheapest beans I could find)
  • A big bowl
  • Measuring cups
  • Other miscellaneous containers
  • Plastic animals (found them at Dollarama)
  • A blanket/sheet (optional)

What I do, is throw down a blanket onto the floor (sometimes I don’t, and clean up is still okay). Next I fill up a big mixing bowl with the dried beans and place the bowl on the blanket with the measuring cups and other containers.  Sienna will scoop and pour contentedly for quite a while.  At the moment, her favourite thing to do is to bury the plastic animals in the bowl of beans, and then “hunt” for them by scooping the beans into the other containers.

I hope this activity will be just as entertaining at your home as it is ours!  I have plans to highlight a few more activities that are fun over the next while.

What sort of activities keep your toddlers entertained?