The Fridge File

I had been admiring The Fridge File (pictured above) as I thought it would be a wonderful way to get rid of the pesky papers that always seem to pile up on the table.  But I was finding it difficult to buy one, since I’m in Canada!

I thought I could easily make one myself and save some money while I was at it!  (The Fridge File is normally $13) Here’s my version:

Take your paper organization up a notch with this DIY Fridge File! Perfect for papers you have to frequently access.

I bought three file folders (with flaps) from Walmart, then used some hot glue to hold them together in a staggered position.  My Mom happened to have a long magnet strip that I cut up then hot glued to the back.  Finally I added three labels, my name, my husband’s name and Coupons.  Obviously my husband and I get our own folder and the Coupon one is for restaurant coupons, Canadian Tire money, gift cards…etc!

I think it will work great for the papers we need to access on a frequent basis!  Especially for less then $6!

I’m thinking of calling mine the “Dryer File” as it’s stuck to the side of our dryer since our fridge is only apartment sized. 🙂