Removing nail polish isn’t one of those things that is necessarily hard to do, but when you’re in a hurry (or you have children who want to do it all by themselves), these “twist and scrub” nail polish remover jars are just so convenient! Just twist and scrub!

No need for cotton balls or drippy messes… just insert your finger into the center of the sponge and twist to remove polish. Perfect for when you want to do a quick polish change.

Here is how to make your own quick and easy version of the store-bought nail polish remover jars:



1. Cut 1/4″ off the longest end of your sponges (or more if your Mason jar is shorter)

2. Roll your large sponge piece from short side to short side and place that sponge on top of your other large sponge and roll that sponge around your rolled sponge

3. Push your rolled sponges into your glass jar with the rolled side facing up
4. Cut your scrub sponges small enough to fit in the empty spaces and place into the jar
5. Fill your jar halfway up with your Nail Polish remover

6. When you want use it, shake the jar with the lid on. Take the lid off and stick your polished fingers into the center and twist.

DIY Twist & Scrub Nail Polish Remover