Here we are at the final installment of Eating Healthy on a Budget!  This week it’s all about Cooking it Slow.  By that I mean, using your slow-cooker to make dinner!  This is one of my all time favourite ways to cut costs on my grocery bill.

Not only does a slow-cooker use less electricity to heat than an oven, but since it cooks slowly using low heat, it’s perfect for tenderizing less expensive cuts of meat!  Love that!

Another reason I love Cooking it Slow?  It’s super easy (I can’t mess up!) and there’s no maintenance!  Many times I make a recipe using some meat and a sauce.  I put the meat in the bottom then cover it with an easy sauce that will make it taste delicious!  Then I go about my business for the rest of the day knowing that dinner is basically making itself.

I’ve also noticed that I use less meat in a slow-cooker meal.  The meat seems to go much farther then when I prepare it in the oven or stove top.

Below, you’ll find a bunch of our favourite slow-cooker recipes:

There’s a selection of our favourites!

Do you use a slow-cooker?  What are your favourite recipes?