First Birthday Art

My daughter recently celebrated her first birthday.  Seriously, where did the time go?  There’s no way my baby is one!  Regardless, I wanted to something to commemorate the occasion.

When a mom in a Facebook group that I’m a part of, posted about her son’s first birthday finger painting art, many of us within that group, thought the idea was a great one.  I was one of them!

I made a trip to Michaels armed with a 40% off coupon for some finger paints. I decided on the basic Crayola finger paints. (But you could also make your own!  See I Can Teach My Child for a great sounding recipe.) I was also hoping the canvases would be on sale.  Sure enough, they were, so I grabbed the 11″ x 14″ size.

canvas dots

We started with the blank canvas with some dots of paint I put randomly all over.


eat paint

Next, we thought eating the paint would be a good idea.  Not so good, but I didn’t panic because the paints were non-toxic.  I should have known better because there isn’t anything this kid won’t eat.

In order to get the final masterpiece, I had to direct her hands all over the canvas. I’m sure she’ll catch on soon enough if we do more “masterpieces” in the future!

Having the bath ready and waiting came highly suggested by the Mom in the Facebook group!

Right now the canvas is displayed proudly on our mantle in the living room.  One day, I’d like for it to end up in a playroom that we may have!

First Birthday Art

Did you do something to commemorate your child’s first birthday?