Get more from your money eBook

Have you ever wished you could sit down with a few of your favorite finance or frugal living bloggers and ask them, point blank, how they’ve managed to meet their financial goals?

My friends at Ultimate Bundles reached out to some of the smartest bloggers they knew and asked these experts specific, no-nonsense questions to discover the real-life secrets behind their no-stress money mastery skills.

Questions like:

  • What’s your #1 tip for saving money every week?
  • Food is such a big expense. What are some tips for saving money on groceries?
  • What are some smart ways to cut down on the costs of raising your kids (clothes, school expenses, activities or lessons, etc.)?
  • What are some date night ideas or fun family activities you can do on a budget?
  • What are some ways to shave down household bills & expenses (utilities, maintenance, repairs, etc.)?
  • What if you feel like you’re already doing all the things? What are some less common tips for saving money?
  • What would you say to somebody who is living on a tight budget and really struggling right now? What encouragement can you provide?
  • What is something practical you do to allow yourself to relax and still have fun, even while being responsible with your money (self-care on a budget)?

In this book, you’ll find the answers!

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