Frugal and creative organizing ideas

Since organization is the topic of the month at Simply Frugal, I thought it would be fun to do a list of frugal and creative organizing ideas.

As I’m going through my house this month, my goal is to use things I already own, to store the items I need to store.  After all, I’m trying to purge the house, so I don’t want any new containers!  In my mind, using what I have already is what makes my living more simple and frugal.

Here are some ideas to help inspire you to be frugal and creative with your organizing projects:

  • Use old drawers as under the bed storage.
  • Buy a couple packs of Staples Magnetic Bulldog Clips and clip all of your winter hats and gloves to your magnetic back door.  Now there is no last minute looking for these items!
  • Keep a bag or a box somewhere in your house and anytime you find something you’re not sure if you need to keep or not, throw it into the bag/box.  When the bag/box gets full it goes to a second hand store!
  • Scan your children’s artwork, then save each year to a CD
  • Empty shoe boxes can hold a lot of different items
  • Cereal boxes make great magazine holders once they’re empty
  • Use empty egg cartons for Christmas ornament storage or jewelery storage
  • Use empty toilet paper rolls to contain extension cords
  • Put soccer balls, footballs… etc, in a large laundry bag, then hang on the back of a door
  • Minimize paper clutter by opting to receive electronic statements for as many things as possible
  • Buy less…my favourite way to stay organized and save money 🙂

Now, I’m sure you’ve got some wonderful ideas to share as well, so let’s hear them in the comments!