How to Get a More Organized Kitchen in Just 15 Minutes

The kitchen is one of the easiest spaces to allow clutter to pile up. Since it is one of the busiest rooms in the house and there’s lots of counter space for stuff, it can quickly become overrun. So how do you enjoy a more organized kitchen without investing a ton of time? Luckily, there are a few tasks you can do each day in 15 minutes or less to help you keep a clutter free kitchen. Look at these tips on how to get a more organized kitchen in just 15 minutes and see what a difference they can make.

A more organized kitchen in 15 minutes

1. Assemble baskets for mail and paper work.

Kitchen counters can be a catch all for mail and school papers. Instead, place baskets on the counter for these items to go in. Then, check in with these baskets daily so you can read letters, discard junk mail, and sort through papers as needed.

2. Remove all non-kitchen essentials.

So many non kitchen items end up in the kitchen throughout the day. Take a few minutes each day to remove these items that have crept in. Have everyone in the household help you return these items to where they belong. Toys, clothing, books, and other items that aren’t used in the kitchen can all be removed.

3. Choose one drawer a day and organize it.

Trying to tackle every drawer at once can be exhausting. Instead, choose one drawer a day and go through it, tossing what you no longer use or need. Use simple drawer baskets to keep the remaining items organized and easy to grab. Once you make your way through the drawers, take on one cabinet at a time and do the same thing.These quick 15 minute tasks will leave you with a more organized kitchen in no time at all! Spend some time each day working on one task.

4. Comb through Tupperware and organize tops and bottoms.

Storage containers tend to make a mess of kitchen cabinets. Take a few minutes to go through the storage containers and match up the tops and bottoms. Discard any pieces that don’t have a match or have been overused and showing a great deal of wear.

5. Arrange spices and cooking ingredients by alphabet.

Make your cooking ingredients easier to navigate when you organize them alphabetically. Organize your spices and dry goods by alphabet and line them up neatly so the next time you need them, you aren’t playing a game of hide and seek. I use a spice organizer like this in one of my cupboards and I love that it’s expandable.

6. Clear counters as much as possible, utilizing drawers and cabinets.

Remove all non essentials from the counter and place these items in drawers and cabinets. Keep your counters as open and clear as possible. Any item that isn’t used daily can be stashed away where it is out of sight and won’t take up a ton of room.

Are you ready for a more organized space? Consider these tips on how to get a more organized kitchen in just 15 minutes and see how simple getting organized can be!

What’s one area of your kitchen that drives you nuts? What are you going to tackle first?