Well, I must say that last week’s menu didn’t really get done! We did manage to eat the chicken and broccoli pie and the pesto tortellini, but other than that, we didn’t eat anything else planned! One night we decided to grab a bite to eat because my husband wanted to catch the big hockey game and another night I was golfing!

I must say though, that not eating the majority of last weeks meals made it especially easy to plan this week’s menu! Here you go:

* Meatball Souvlaki, Greek couscous salad
* Veggie Chicken Pitas
* Spaghetti using whole wheat Penne, salad (we got a nice big bag of organic salad greens for free at church yesterday!)
* Leftovers (I really need to start adding leftovers into the menu. I do take leftovers for lunch each day, but we still seem to have much left over!)

There you have it! I don’t anticipate having to buy much this week, just the basics! If you would like more menu inspiration visit I’m an Organizing Junkie!