Hello everyone! How was your weekend? It was absolutely beautiful here. I managed to sit outside most of the day and just soak up the warmth while I caught up on some magazine reading! Loved it.

This week, I’m determined to not buy much at the grocery store. Not much meaning some milk and lettuce! That’s it! All the meals I have planned are in our freezer or I already have the ingredients on hand. I really just want to use everything up. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been over shopping lately! I’m quite sure that I will only have to buy those two items this week!

So, here’s our eating from our freezer and pantry menu:

Monday: Lasagna (in the freezer)
Tuesday: Lemon Chicken with leftover roasted potatoes and carrots, Yorkshires
Wednesday: Samosas (in the freezer), salad
Thursday: Broccoli and Chicken quiche
Friday: Shepard’s Pie (I’ll freeze the leftovers)

There you go! I have all the meat on hand because I’ve been stocking up when there’s a sale and I’ve got vegetables coming out of my ears!

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