Holy moly, it’s November already! How can that possibly be? The good thing though, is that I’ll be finished my seasonal job in a few weeks! Time to get stuff done around the house!

So how did all your menus work out last week? I must admit that there were a couple of meals that I didn’t make. I either made something else or we ate leftovers or we went out for something! Is it bad that I can’t remember?

Here’s this week’s menu attempt:

Monday: Hashay (a beef dish served over mashed potatoes and carrots, a childhood fave!)
Tuesday: Peanut Butter Chicken, rice, veggies
Wednesday: Pesto Pasta
Thursday: Winter Vegetable crumble (from Simply in Season cookbook)
Friday: Sloppy Joe Calzones

A couple of new recipes this week! I hope I won’t throw hubby off to much! I like a bit of variety and I enjoy finding new favourites. If you would like some new recipes visit I’m an Organizing Junkie!