Here we are. At the 10th task in the No Spend Declutter Challenge! How is your house feeling so far? Are you seeing some progress? For yesterday’s declutter challenge, I managed to throw away a shopping bag full of stuff from our three bathrooms! Yay!

Day 10 Declutter Task:

Today, we’re going to work on our linen closet/storage. Take some time to organize and declutter any extras or never used items. Turn any worn items into rags for cleaning or spills!

I’m happy to report that our linen closet is actually in pretty good shape! I think I may have a few extras that I could donate, but other than that I’ll just do some reorganizing. Oh and once Spring is closer, I have to purchase another set of sheets for our bed because I tossed our last set because they were getting really worn! (Currently we have flannel sheets, but those won’t do once the weather warms up!)

Day 10 No Spend Task:

Today, we’re going to keep it simple. No spending on unnecessary things! I would also love to hear how you are doing with the No Spend Challenge. Are you struggling? Is it starting to get easier? Tell me all about it in the comments!

I will be posting each task in the Simply Frugal No Spend Declutter Challenge Facebook Group. This is where most of the discussion will be happening.

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If you do not use social media, I would love to read your comments on each task, right here, below each challenge post on!