We’ve reached the middle of the week! Yay! We’re also moving out of the bathrooms and into the bedrooms. Yesterday I managed to rid my linen closet of a couple of things, but not much because it wasn’t that long ago that I went through it. I guess it was just maintenance for me!

Day 11 Declutter Task:

We don’t have enough room in our kitchen for a junk drawer so I’d have to say that my nightstand does the honours well. But it’s all useful junk! You know, chocolate (when I need to escape the kids), flashlight, chapstick, notebooks…

Honestly I’m not sure how good I can make the nightstand look, but I’m going to try! I’m sure I can find a proper home for some items. The bottom drawer was full of books, but I actually moved most of them to the bookshelf the other day.

I think as long as I have the top nicely cleared off, I’ll be happy. Now I hope my husband will get on board with his side!

How’s the state of your nightstand?

Day 11 No Spend Task:

Once again, we’re going to keep it simple. No spending on unnecessary things!

I would also love to hear about one thing that is really tempting for you? What are you missing the most? Or are you missing it anymore? I am missing our occasional stops at Tim Hortons after school! But my daughters have been enjoying homemade hot chocolate instead!

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