So, here we are at Day 12, and I realized I made a mistake. For some reason, I added too many tasks to the list! Somewhere along the line I counted the number of days wrong. LOL. While that doesn’t make much of a difference for you, I’m now choosing the tasks from my list that I think are most important. At the very end of the challenge, I’ll leave the list of tasks that we never got to, so you can continue on if you’d like!

Day 12 Declutter Task:

Today, we’re still in the bedroom and tackling something that may seem overwhelming to many of us. I’m talking about clothes. I always find the task of decluttering clothes somewhat daunting. That’s why I loved this video from The Minimal Mom about the easiest way to declutter clothes. You should watch it!

Also, here’s a post I wrote about 7 Ways to Pare Down Your Closet that may help you today.

While I don’t think my declutter pile will be huge this time, I know I’ll have something to donate or sell! I always do!

If you have children, you could also take the opportunity to go through their clothes, if you’d like. I recently went through my daughters’ closets and put away too small clothes and donated stuff they don’t wear, so I’ll skip this today!

Day 12 No Spend Task:

While we’re still not spending on unnecessary things, I thought today would be a good day to make use of our local libraries.

Take the time today to request a few books from your library on a subject that you have been wanting to read about. Perhaps some financial books, cook books or even crafting books. Even a fiction book or two would be great with the weekend coming up! Whatever it is, the library is a fantastic free resource!

I will be posting each task in the Simply Frugal No Spend Declutter Challenge Facebook Group. This is where most of the discussion will be happening.

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If you do not use social media, I would love to read your comments on each task, right here, below each challenge post on!