Can you believe we are starting our final week of the No Spend Declutter Challenge? I’m finding it hard to believe, but I’m also ready for February! 😀

This week, we’re going to jump around the house a bit with the decluttering tasks to work on areas that I think, will have a big impact.

Day 14 Declutter Task:

Today’s activity for the Declutter portion is to sort through our books and magazines.

I’m so torn with books though. I have some I’m keeping only because I loved reading them when I was younger and I thought my daughters might enjoy them one day. Silly? I’m not sure! However, today, I am determined to declutter at least a few books.

I’ve been buying (and borrowing) less books lately because I bought a Kindle a couple of years ago. I avoided those electronic devices for so long, but in the end they really spoke to my “wanting less clutter” side. And now I’m in love with the thing. I actually read more often! And I love that I can have so many books when we go away! (That day WILL come again!)

Do you have any books or magazines you can be rid of?

Day 14 No Spend Task:

Well, once again, we’re going to keep things simple. No spending on unnecessary things.

In full disclosure, yesterday, I bought groceries for the week. However, I did purchase a pair of $6 pajamas for my daughter because all of her one piece pj’s have holes. Could I have waited another week to get her a pair? For sure. But, Walmart actually had her size (in the boy section) so I snapped it up. I’m feeling okay with that! 🙂

Have you had any slip ups lately? I’d love to know!

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