Day 6 of the No Spend Declutter Challenge! I’m sure you are seeing some progress in your home and bank account! When I did my very first No Spend Challenge, it was at about the one week mark that my mindset started to shift. I was starting to find other activities to occupy my time and didn’t feel the draw of sales as much.

Download and print the No Spend Declutter Checklist here. Check off your completed decluttering tasks and color in a square each time you successfully have a No Spend Day.

Day 6 Declutter Task:

Today, we’re still in the kitchen! Since we started in the kitchen on Monday, you may have felt the need to just keep going. And that is awesome! But in case you haven’t, or only have little increments of time to work, we’re going to tackle two drawers or cupboards in the kitchen today. Perhaps you’ll do more than two because sometimes it just takes starting a task to get on a roll!

To start, pick either the cupboards or drawers that are least messy, if you’re feeling drained. Or if you feel like you have lots of energy, then start on the two most messy!

Here are some suggestions on things that you can toss:

  • Broken appliances
  • Tupperware with missing pieces
  • Ratty dish cloths or towels
  • Unused cookbooks
  • Unused/old kitchen utensils or tools
  • Chipped plates, bowls or cups
  • Extra oven mitts
  • Old bakeware (scratched cookie sheets, etc.)
  • Extra mixing bowls
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Unused small kitchen appliances
  • Old spices
  • Vitamins/medicine
  • Fridge magnets
  • Flyers and take-out menus

As you’re going through your cupboards and drawers, be sure to put like items with like items. Also, be thoughtful with where you put items. Don’t put your most used items way back in the dark corner cupboard. Make your kitchen work for you by having the things you need most, the most accessible.

Day 6 No Spend Task:

Today’s main task, once again, is to simply, not spend any money on unnecessary things. However, since we’re in the kitchen, I want to talk about grocery shopping.

When it’s time to get groceries, I want to encourage you to try out online ordering if you haven’t already.

I am a big fan of ordering my groceries online. The main reason is that it is so convenient, I can bring my kids without bringing them in the store. The secondary reason is that it saves me so much money on impulse purchases! 😀 I create my shopping list before I sit down at my computer to order. Because I have a list, I only order what is on my list! I’m so guilty of being in the grocery store and finding things that I think would be good to buy, when I never intended on purchasing that item in the first place! Sure, it probably is great, but I didn’t need it to complete the meals I had planned. (It’s probably a treat of some kind…haha.)

Have you tried ordering your groceries online? What do you think of the service?

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