How is your kitchen coming along? Are you enjoying the slowish process we are going through in the kitchen? I know for me personally, once I’m in the decluttering mood, there is no stopping me. I just want to get it all done! However, that’s not always practical because there are still other things that need to be done! Like careers and taking care of our families!

Download and print the No Spend Declutter Checklist here. Check off your completed decluttering tasks and color in a square each time you successfully have a No Spend Day.

Day 7 Declutter Task:

Since the last few tasks have been somewhat intense. today, we’re just going to clean out our junk drawer, or junk spot.

We have a couple of small spots in our house. A drawer in the kitchen and a tiny drawer/shelf by our front entrance. I’m going to clean both of those spots today. Should take no time at all!

I’m going to put like items with like items, test some pens and use containers I already have to bring some organization.

After cleaning out your junk drawer, what’s the weirdest thing you found?

Day 7 No Spend Task:

We’re going to keep it super simple today. Today’s task is simply to not make any unnecessary purchases!

This far into the No Spend challenge, what has been your biggest obstacle?

I will be posting each task in the Simply Frugal No Spend Declutter Challenge Facebook Group. This is where most of the discussion will be happening.

I will also be posting random progress reports throughout the challenge over at Instagram! Follow me on Instagram @simplyfrugal and use the hashtag #nospenddeclutter to get updates and see what others are up to during the challenge!

If you do not use social media, I would love to read your comments on each task, right here, below each challenge post on!