Woo hoo! we’re at the end of week two! I’m enjoying the extra space I have cleared up in the areas we have worked on! On Fridays, I like to end the week with an easier task. Something that won’t loom over you all weekend. 🙂

Download and print the No Spend Declutter Checklist here. Check off your completed decluttering tasks and color in a square each time you successfully have a No Spend Day.

Day 8 Declutter Task:

I am a one purse only kind of gal and a backpack every now and then when I have to tote my laptop along.

However, life with kids means my purse is currently a catch-all for snacks, toys, my wallet, appointment cards, shopping bags, receipts, garbage and so much more. Sometimes I have no idea I have so much in there!

Despite the mess that is in my purse, I think today’s task should be quite easy to get finished. I actually just purchased a new backpack from Mountain Equipment Co-op on clearance so I actually have to add a few things to it! (Pens, notebook, ear buds…etc.)

While I don’t have many tips for purse organization, I think a purse organizer from Amazon like this would be wonderful:

So, how messy is your purse or bag?  How do you keep it organized?

Day 8 No Spend Task:

You know what? I think it’s time for a reward. But don’t worry, we’re still not going to spend money. 😉

Since we just cleaned out our purses/bags, you may have come across a forgotten gift card. Today, you’re going to use it on something to treat yourself! I recently came across a gift card for Blenz coffee shop, so I’m going to stop there today!

If you didn’t come across any gift cards, I have a post I wrote with 16 Ways you Can Treat Yourself for Free!

What are you doing to reward yourself?

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