I hope you all had a great weekend? Did you work on decluttering projects or did you find time for fun and relaxation? Also, I’d love to know what you did to reward yourself according to Friday’s task!

Day 9 Declutter Task:

It’s time today to see what kind of scary things are lurking in your bathroom cupboards!  I’m sure I’ll find a few long forgotten items because bathroom stuff just sort of gets shoved in the cupboards! One thing I know for sure is that the cupboards and drawers in our bathrooms are in need of some organization. I’m also looking forward to tossing quite a few things!

Here are a few links to inspiring bathroom organization ideas:

What is your bathroom cupboard situation like? Will this be an all day task or a short one?

Day 9 No Spend Task:

While we have been spending a lot of time ridding our home of excess, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have actually found yourself wanting a few items. Perhaps it’s baskets that would make your organized spaces look more beautiful, or a small appliance that caught your eye while you were getting groceries. Or maybe you found yourself browsing Amazon and found a book you would like to read.

Whatever those ‘wants’ may be, I want you to start an ongoing list. Every time you see or think of something you would like to buy, write it down.

At the end of the No Spend Challenge, you’re going to revisit your list of ‘wants’.

I’m going to bet that there will be items on your list that you realize you no longer want or need. Why? Because on a day to day basis, outside of a No Spend Challenge, most of our wants are impulse purchases. We see something we like, we add it to the cart. We get a dose of dopamine that instantly makes us feel happier. But that dopamine can wear off quickly. So learning to walk away from something you want, can help you feel happier with the state of your (decluttered) home and with all the money you’re saving for the things you really want!

So far, what have you found yourself wanting?

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