How to Save Money and Time this Holiday Season

Who doesn’t love to save money and time over the holiday season? Each year, the holidays can quickly become all consuming. They can quickly rob us of our hard earn money and precious, limited time. Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite, simple ideas to help you save your hard earned dollars and precious time!

Shop online

Online shopping is great this time of year. Especially if you want to avoid crowds and if you know what you need to purchase. Online shopping is also great for those who find it difficult to find time to get to the stores. Here at Simply Frugal, I try my best to list the best holiday deals from retailers across Canada.

Search for discount codes

This goes together with the shopping online tip. Often, retail stores have discount codes available. They can range anywhere from dollars off to percentages off to free shipping. To find these discount codes, do a simple search here on Simply Frugal, Retail Me Not or google “‘business name’ coupon code”. 

Ask for a Price Adjustment

Stores quite often have a 30 day price guarantee. So if something goes on sale within 30 days of you buying it, you can come in with your original receipt and receive the difference back! Each store is different, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you could save a pretty penny by doing it!

Who doesn't love to save money and time over the holiday season? Here are some simple ideas to help you save your hard earned dollars and precious time this holiday season!

Follow your favourite businesses on Social Media

Use social media to your advantage. By following your favourite businesses on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ll be one of the first ones to know when they have a special promotion going on! On a related note, sign up to their email lists. I often find small businesses have special discounts or secret sales for subscribers.

Handmade Gifts

Sometimes handmade gifts are the ones that are loved the most. I’ve seen some pretty amazing gifts during my travels through the web! Pinterest is a gold mine of ideas. I even have a whole category of homemade gift ideas on Simply Frugal! I’ve often sewn my husband hooded sweat shirts to give as gifts because the store bought ones usually end up fitting him weirdly after a short amount of time.  He loves them and loves the thought I put into making them for him!

Buy new accessories instead of a new outfit

If you’ve got a holiday party or two to attend this year, why not pull out one of your favourite outfits you already own and simply purchase new accessories to create a new look? Way less expensive than buying a whole new outfit!

Make your holiday get-togethers a pot-luck

Who says you have to spend all the money and time to put together a gathering?  Make others bring along their favourites, and you’ll have a great selection of food! Or an appetizer party could be fun too!  (Don’t we usually fill up on appetizers first anyways?)

For decorating, use nature to your advantage

Wander around your neighborhood and collect all the great looking sticks, cedar boughs, and pine cones.  Then use your findings to create your own unique mantel displays, railing decor and wreaths! Use some metallic spray paint to inject a bit of shimmer.

Have a decoration swap with friends

Tired of putting up the same decorations year after year? Get together with some friends who are feeling the same way, and swap your goods!  This also works with wrapping paper, if you’re thinking you’ll never get to the end of a roll!  

Shop the after Christmas sales

I don’t suppose this need to be said, but this is how I get all my holiday bags, wrapping paper, ribbon and bows! Usually for a whopping 50% off or more. Holiday greeting cards are usually deeply discounted as well.

May you have fun, be frugal and enjoy the pleasures of the Christmas season! What are some of your best money and time saving tips for the holidays?