Canadian Travel

Are you looking to get away from the cold this winter?  Or are you just looking for a great price on a hotel? Or flight?  I’ve rounded up a few sites that will make it easier for you to find a great travel deal!

Westjet:  Sign up for their free JetMail newsletter to find out when they’re having a seat sale or a cheap travel package sale.  WestJet is also on Twitter and you can find good deals on Thursday’s if you follow hashtag #bluetag.  I love this site!  I have signed up for my region’s travel deals to be sent to my email and was able to find a great price on a hotel for my parents when they head out of town!  They’ve set their site up into regions so you can click on your region to see the deals that apply to you, instantly.  Travel Alerts updates the site once a week.

Travelzoo:  Another weekly email I get!  This time, Travelzoo will send you the weekly Top 20 travel deals that they’ve scoured the web for.  Makes it easy for us to get a great deal!– Create your own packaged vacation or search for a deal on the pre-packaged vacations at Travelocity!

Red Tag Vacations:  Another site that will bring you the top 20 weekly travel deals!  Red Tag Vacations is also on Twitter if you’d like to catch the latest deal that way!

Priceline:  I’ve had recommendations to use this for booking hotels.  Priceline allows you to name you own price on a hotel or simply find a good deal on one they already have lined up.

Chris Myden Travel Deals:  You’ll find travel deals put together by Chris Myden specifically for your area.  The deals are posted to Twitter and Facebook.  Simply do a Google search for “Chris Myden” with your city and you should be able to find the right Twitter accounts and Facebook pages!

Have you got any more travel sites to recommend to fellow Canadians?