Tips for Getting Out of Debt After the Holidays

Many Canadians go into debt each year to give gifts to those they love for the holidays. Now that the damage is all done, and if you’re one of those people, it’s time to take a serious look at what needs to be payed off. You will need a plan and I’m here to help you with that!

Check out these tips for getting out of debt after the holidays:

Get a Total

Before you can tackle the debt you created, you will need a total. Gather up all of your credit card statements or loan amounts to see what the grand total is. Try not to beat yourself up when you see the total. 🙂 So you got a little caught up in the season… now is the time to get back on track financially.

Create Goals

After you know how much money you’re owing from the holidays, it’s time to create goals to get the debt paid off. For example: “By May, we want to have $300 of our debt paid off.” Your goals should adequately reflect how much debt you are in. Of course, you’ll want to be out of debt way before next Christmas, so this doesn’t happen again!

Make Extra Money

If your current budget is being taken care of by your income and there’s nothing leftover, making extra money might be your next step. There is so much extra work you can pick up even after the holiday season is over. Consider shoveling snow or even working part time at the mall. Or perhaps you could try selling some of your unwanted/unneeded stuff!

Create a Christmas Goal

As I mentioned earlier, without a goal in mind for next year, you will be in the same place each time with debt. It’s important to create a goal for Christmas earlier in the season. Set an amount of what you want to save and go from there. If you can swing it, start saving weekly or each time you get paid. It makes a lot more sense to save cash now rather than use credit later. (In other words, credit is for cash you may not have!)

Use Cash From Here on Out

It’s one thing to use credit cards and to get into debt over the holiday season, but it can be detrimental to your family’s income if you continue on this path. Your best bet is to use cash from here on out. You can even put cash in envelopes to keep yourself from spending above and beyond what you budgeted for. Cash is always your friend when budgeting and spending.

Do you have any tips for getting out of debt after the holidays? I’d love to hear them!