iced coffee pops

If you are as much of a coffee fan as I am, you’re going to want to try these Vietnamese coffee popsicles!  I’ve been making a ton of popsicles for Sienna lately, but sometimes I just want an afternoon pick-me-up that appeals to my taste buds.  That’s why these coffee pops are perfect because I gain a bit of energy and I treat myself to a another “cup” of coffee.  Also, these Vietnamese coffee popsicles are the perfect combination of coffee, cream and sugar!

When my brother was visiting over Christmas, he kept raving about his Aeropress coffee maker that he had purchased.  I finally, not too long ago, broke down and bought one for myself.  It really does make great coffee!  I used the Aeropress for this recipe, but you could also use a French press or brew a really strong pot in your regular coffee maker.

Iced Coffee Pops
  • 1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 300 ml of cooled strong Coffee
  1. If you want to make this using the Aeropress, use 3 scoops of ground coffee and fill up to the 3 line before pressing. Then add water to raise to 10 oz.
  2. Combine the coffee with the sweetened condensed milk and mix well.
  3. Divide the mixture evenly into the molds and insert sticks.
  4. Place in freezer for 3-5 hours.

As for the Popsicle molds, I’ve been loving some I picked up from the dollar store.  But I also am starting to love these silicon ice pop molds for a less messy alternative for Sienna. I also have this freezer pop maker that’s great for making bigger popsicles.

I hop you enjoy these Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles as much as I do!