I was asked again to bring a cheesecake for Christmas dinner this year. They must be tasty or something! Since I think it’s pretty delicious myself, possibly the World’s Best Cheesecake recipe, I thought you might want the recipe as well.  I like to top it with my homemade raspberry sauce.  Mmmmm 🙂

I found this recipe typing in ‘World’s Best Cheesecake’ in Google, and I must admit, it is fabulous! Apparently, it’s a version of the original Lindy’s cheesecake which goes all the way back to 1921!


My tips:

  • Make sure all ingredients are at room temperature.
  • A big mixer is very useful since it’s pretty thick
  • Firstly, I beat the cream cheese then I beat after adding each additional ingredient
  • Do not open the oven at all during the cooking and cooling process