7 Camping Hacks for Every Camper

7 Camping Hacks for Every Camper

If you love to go camping, or even if you have never been camping before, here are 7 camping hacks that are definitely worth a try. These camping hacks can make your camping experience an easier one, and even help you to be a little more comfortable while you are out enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Take a look at these 7 camping hacks for every camper and see if they wouldn’t be helpful on your next camp out!

1. Pack the big plastic baggies.

Take a package of one big plastic baggies on your next camp out and see how helpful they can be. You can mix ingredients in them while cooking, you can use them to keep toilet paper dry, and you can even store wet bathing suits and other damp clothing items in them.

2. Make your own fire starters.

One of the easiest fire starters to make is to soak cotton balls in rubbing alcohol. Then all you need to do is set them on top of some kindling and light them. Your fire will take off in no time. When waiting to use your fire starters just store them in a plastic baggie as mentioned above.

3. Try some lavender.

Lavender oil when dabbed in the skin can repel bugs. You can even burn fresh lavender on your fire to keep bugs at bay. Add a drop or two to your skin lotion for all over protection that smells great.

4. Make tin foil meals.

Place some chopped carrots, potatoes, and raw hamburger on a piece of tin foil. Add a little butter and salt and pepper. Wrap the foil up around the food tightly and grill for 15-20 minutes or until cooked through. When you open it up you will have a ready to eat feast.

5. Get creative with dessert.

Try the same concept above but instead add sweets to the inside of a waffle cone. Try chocolate chips, peanuts, candies, and other sweet treats. Wrap the cone in tin foil and bake on the flames for just a few minutes. When you unwrap it you will have a tasty mess!

6. Try pool inflatables.

Your basic pool inflatables can make sleeping a little more cozy. Kids especially will enjoy sleeping on pool mat as opposed to the hard floor. This is also a more budget friendly option as opposed to buying a blow up mattress.

7. Don’t forget the microfiber towels.

These are awesome for cleaning up picnic tables, drying hair after a swim, and even for washing dishes. They can literally do any job and wear well, even in the rugged outdoors.

Are you ready to give these camping hacks a try? Keep these hacks in mind for your next camping trip and see how much easier they can make things for your entire family.

Do you have any tried & true camping hacks?  Please share in the comments!