Halloween is such a fun time of the year. Seeing all of the little ones in their cute and scary outfits, passing out candy, decorating and parties! Halloween can also get pretty expensive, some of those awesome costumes will run you $50 or more! That kind of money seems a little excessive for one day of fun. Getting your decorations, candy and Halloween costumes on a budget is doable and actually pretty easy.

Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Halloween costumes on a budget: 6 ideas to help you have a fun halloween, not a pricey one. #halloween #halloweenideas #halloweencostumes

Host a Costume Swap

In mid to late September put together a Halloween costume swap. Invite moms from your community to bring costumes from previous years to the swap. Everyone at the swap gets to look for costumes that fit their children. This is a great way to get a free costume and connect with other moms in your local area. You can advertise your costume swap by work of mouth, flyers or create a Facebook group for people in your area.

Shop Second Hand Stores

Come early October second-hand stores will be flooded with Halloween costumes. Before you look at any high-priced costume shops make sure to check out local thrift shops. You can find basic costumes to very impressive and expensive costumes. The best part is the prices are great!

Shop Late

Halloween stores need to sell all of their merchandise before Halloween. Once Halloween is over these shops close their doors for the year. Try shopping one or two days before Halloween and you will probably see lots of costumes that have been discounted by 50% or more! This could mean some huge savings but the downside is the inventory is usually limited.

Shop Amazon

Amazon has a great costume shop during Halloween. I highly suggest checking out their selection of costumes as they usually have really good prices on Halloween costumes.

Make Your Own

Making your own Halloween costume is possible and can be done without touching a sewing machine. Look around your house and see what you already own and what you can turn into a costume. Have an old cheerleading outfit, football uniform, golf clubs or just a scary mask sitting around. Get creative and let your imagination run wild. Get your children used to making their own costumes and not dressing up in the same costume everyone else is wearing. You can also spend some time searching Pinterest for creative and fun costumes to make at home.

Saving in Other Areas

For Halloween candy and decorations there are also ways to save. Make sure to check your local Dollar Store for decorations and candy. Typically, they have a large selection of holiday items. Shopping the day after Halloween can sometimes save you up to 75% on next years decorations!

What are your favourite Halloween costumes on a budget?