Gift Ideas for the College Student

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Gift ideas for the college student #giftideas

Gift Ideas for the College Student

Gift ideas that every college student will love! Enjoy the list!

  1. Magic Color Changing Mug – When cold, this mug shows a sleeping face, when hot, the mug wakes up! Haha!
  2. Portable Charger – What college student isn’t nearly running a dead battery on their phone? Perfect gift!
  3. Laptop Backpack – Why not make carrying a laptop and books more fun with this great looking backpack?
  4. $5 a Meal College Cookbook – 300 hassle-free dishes, this cookbook will not only satisfy hunger but a meager bank account, too!
  5. The Instant Pot College Cookbook – Perfect for dorm room cooking!
  6. Netflix Subscription – What college student wouldn’t love this?
  7. Starbucks Gift Card – Or perhaps one to their favourite local coffee shop? Can’t go wrong with this!
  8. Vera Bradley ID Case – Help her keep just her important cards easily accessible with this ID case.
  9. Cutesy Roll Pillow – Pillows for those extra long study sessions.
  10. Laundry Today, Naked Tomorrow Laundry Basket – A laundry basket for inspire and motivate. 🙂
  11. Silicone Animal Card Holder – Perfect for those random bits of paper. Business cards, tickets that they want to keep…etc.

8 Weeks to a More Organized Christmas

Not only do I want a more organized Christmas season of my own, I'm hoping I can help you as well! Enter, the 8 Weeks to a More Organized Christmas series!

This year, I’m on a mission.  Not only to have my own organized Christmas season, but I’m hoping I can help you as well!  Enter, 8 Weeks to a More Organized Christmas!

As I’m gearing up for a Simply Frugal Holiday Gift Guide, which I hope will help make your shopping easier, I’m also hoping this series will help you be more organized for the Christmas season.

My goal with the series is to help guide you in making your Christmas season more manageable by providing you a weekly countdown of sorts to get everything in order.

There will be a ton of printables, checklists, articles full of tips and inspiring ideas to help you.

Since it’s called 8 Weeks to a More Organized Christmas, we’ll be getting started on Tuesday, October 30, because Christmas is then only 8 weeks away!  I’ll have the first post up with your first task.  Every following Tuesday, there will be a new post with a new task for you to focus on.

How does that sound?  Are you in?  Do you want a more organized Christmas? What do you struggle with the most each Christmas season?

Sign up for the 8 Weeks to a More Organized Christmas newsletter to receive a FREE Christmas Dinner Checklist!  This checklist is quite detailed and will help you remember all the details needed for a memory filled dinner with family and friends. You’ll also receive a weekly email with each week’s “task”.

7 Mother’s Day Gifts That Don’t Cost A Cent

Mother’s Day comes just once a year, so why not do all you can to make sure it’s a special day? If you are worried about your budget being too tight to celebrate sufficiently, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to enjoy a nice Mother’s Day without spending a dime. Look below at these 7 Mother’s Day gifts that don’t cost a cent, and see how you can celebrate Mom for free.

7 Mothers Day Gifts That Don’t Cost A Cent

Mother's Day Gifts that don't Cost a Cent! It really is the thought that counts!

1. Give her the gift of time.

Don’t try to fit in time for Mom on Mother’s Day, make it a priority. Give Mom the gift of your time to enjoy the things she may want to do, such as go for a hike, watch a movie, or just spend time together around the dinner table.

2. Give her the gift of appreciation.

Show Mom you appreciate her by writing her a list of all of the things you love about her. Make a list of 20-25 things (even more is better!) that make her special. Use your best writing, put the list in an envelope, and gift it to her on Mother’s Day. She will keep it forever.

3. Give her the gift of rest.

Sometimes, Mom just needs a break. Give Mom a little time to herself on Mother’s Day. Quiet the house down and let Mom get a nap in. Or, give Mom some time to sleep in that morning. Even just an hour of quiet time will be much appreciated and make her feel like a million bucks.

4. Give her the gift of affection.

Moms love to hug and hold their babies! Take the time to hug your Mom, hold her hand, and truly connect with her. The older children get, the less often this happens, so take the time on Mother’s Day to get those hugs in.

5. Give her the gift of help.

Are there tasks around the house Mom needs help with? Start tackling those tasks. Do what you can to get these tasks done so Mom can take them off her plate. This will be a huge relief to her and she will no doubt love the help.

6. Give her the gift of truly being present.

Put cell phones and electronic devices away and be present on Mother’s Day. Let Mom know that she is your focus for the day and that nothing else is as important. We get so caught up in devices, this will be a refreshing change for her to see.

7. Give her the gift of patience.

Be patient with Mom today. Mother’s Day is about celebrating her and meeting her needs. Be patient with your own needs on this day and instead make the focus about her.

Don’t let a limited budget keep you from showing Mom how special she is. Consider these 7 Mother’s Day gifts that don’t cost a cent, and see how even a frugal Mother’s Day can be a memorable one.

I’d love to hear your ideas or memories of celebrating Mother’s Day! Let me know in the comments below!

Merry Christmas!

Happy two days before Christmas! You guys. I didn’t mean to disappear so early before Christmas, but we all came down with the flu and that put a stop to pretty much everything around here. 😛 I have officially baked one batch of cookies and my homemade marshmallows are halfway done. I am so not on top of things. Also, the dress my oldest wanted me to sew is soo close to being done and my youngest’s has now been passed off to my mom. I have lowered all expectations so it should be a Christmas after all.

Anyways, I’m popping in because our family wants to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  We hope you have a very blessed and happy one!  We also want to thank you all for stopping in every day here at Simply Frugal, we truly appreciate each and every one of you!

I’ll be back late Sunday evening to post some Boxing Day deals in the upcoming epic Boxing Day post, but other than that, I’ll be enjoying some much needed family time until the New Year. (However, you may find a new post here and there that I have already scheduled. ;))

Merry Christmas!

A Homemade Christmas Gift: Curried Lentil Soup in Jars

After seeing the Curried Lentil Soup in jars my friend Leslie over at put together for gifts, I knew I had to do it too! I think they’re perfect for spur of the moment gifts as well as a good idea for teacher gifts. I especially like the fact that the recipient only has to add water and the contents of the jar to enjoy!

I made up these quick labels for the jars if you’d like to use them when you put together the jars.